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De Dietrich AMC 35/45/65/90/115/160 range of wall-hung commercial condensing boilers, equipped to operate on natural gases and can be converted to propane. With minimum floor space for maximum output, the Innovens Pro AMC is a high-technology wall-hung gas condensing boiler that offers a boiler output range of 7.0 kW to 161.5kW, optimised for energy savings and ecology. A system that is complete, flexible and intelligent, the Innovens Pro MCA can be customised to provide domestic hot water output at high levels of comfort, or installed within a complete hydraulic cascade system to connect 2-10 boilers to offer an output of over 1,292kW.

Boiler Range:
AMC 35:  System boiler 7.0 to 35.9 kW
AMC 45:   boiler from   8.9 to 43 kW 
AMC 65:   boiler from 13.3 to 65 kW 
AMC 90:   boiler from 15.8 to 89.5 kW 
AMC 115: boiler from 18.4 to 114 kW 
AMC 160: boiler from 34.6 to 161.5 kW  

Evodens PRO AMC 45, AMC 65, AMC 90, AMC 115 from 9.1 to 109.7 kW

Wall-hung gas condensing boiler:

  • Equipped to operate on natural gases and can be converted to propane
  • Gas supply pressure: 20 mbar
  • Forced flue or chimney connection
  • Annual operating efficiency up to 110%
  • Low pollutant emissions: NOx < 37 mg/kWh for AMC 45, 32 mg/kWh for AMC 65, 45 mg/kWh for AMC 90 and 46 mg/kWh for AMC 115
  • Monoblock heating body in aluminium/silicium
  • Gas premix burner in stainless steel with a surface in woven metallic fibres, modulating from 18 to 100% of output
  • Fan with air intake silencer
  • Delivered with integrated automatic air vent, runoff siphon
  • Choice of one of the following two control panels: DIEMATIC Evolution or iniControl 2
  • Packaging: 2 packages


  • AMC 45 to 115 cascade systems are available in 3 versions:
  • LW: for wall-hung alignment of the boilers
  • LV: for floor-standing alignment of the boilers
  • RG: for back to back assembly of the boilers

Cascade systems include:

  • the decoupling cylinder
  • the boiler connection collector including the heating flow and return connection pipes Ø 65 mm, the gas connection pipes Ø 65 mm and the flanges the primary injection pumps
  • the boiler connection kits including the outlet valve, the multi-function return valve (with filling and draining valve, gate valve, non-return valve, safety valve and connection for the expansion vessel), and the gas valve
  • the wall assembly rail for LW versions or, for LV and RG versions, the corner support structures with the boiler assembly frame
  • the outlet sensor + sensor tube and the inter-boiler BUS connection cable

Insulation Kits
onnecting flanges.

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