MAXA i HP 25kW-70kW

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i-HP 25kW - 70kW
Air/water reversible inverter heat pump with axial fans

Air cooled liquid chiller and heat pump. Dc Inverter scroll compressor / s , high efficiency EC motor axial fan. Outdoor installation.

Frames made up of hot-galvanised thick sheet metal, painted with polyurethane powder enamels at 180°C to ensure the best resistance against atmospheric agents. The front panel is hinged to the lift side to allow access to the internal components for inspection and maintenance. The screws and the inserts are made up of galvanized steel..

The refrigerant circuit has been manufactured according to the UNI EN 13134 directive concerning welding procedures. The refrigerant gas employed is R410A type. The refrigerant circuit includes in its basic version: 4-way reversing cycle valve, electronic expansion valve, liquid separator, liquid receiver, check and maintenance valves, pressure safety device according to PED regulation (high pressure switch), and pressure transducers to accurately adjust the evaporating and condensing pressures, filters for expansion valve to prevent its clogging. The versions with vapour injection also include heat exchanger to produce vapour, electronic injector valve, and the ON-OFF valves of injection in case of two compressors.

Scroll type DC inverter compressor/s designed for use with R410A refrigerant, mounted on a rubber material acting as a shock absorber. The compressors of the injection versions are designed to optimize the efficiency of the refrigerant cycle under low ambient temperatures conditions and are supplied with connection for vapour injection. The crankcase heater operates when the compressor remains off for at least 30 minutes and if the discharge temperature is below 20°C (with hysteresis of 2.0°C). The checking of the compressors is possible through the front panel of the unit that allows the maintenance of the compressors even if the unit is in operation.

The air-side heat exchanger is made up of copper pipes and aluminium fins. The copper pipes diameter is 7,94 mm, the thickness of the aluminium fins is 0,12 mm. The pipes are mechanically expanded into the aluminium fins in order to improve the heat transfer coefficient. The geometry of this heat exchanger ensures a low value air-side pressure drop and then it allows the use of fans with low number of revolutions (with the advantage of reducing the unit noise level).



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