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Danfoss VMTD District Heating Interface Unit – Heat Station

Type: Direct Heating – Indirect Instant Domestic Hot Water

The Danfoss VMTD is a complete solution with a built-in water heater and a differential pressure controlled heating system. VMTD is applicable for single family houses and for decentralized systems.

The substation is prefabricated with a differential pressure controller, a fitting piece and a sensor pocket for insertion of a heat meter as well as strainer and ball valves. The display of the heat meter is to be mounted next to the station.

Heating (HE)

The heating circuit is designed for direct generation of heat. The differential pressure controller sets the optimum operation conditions for radiator thermostatic valves enabling individual temperature control in each room. In order to enable a time-depending temperature control program, a zone valve with actuator and a room thermostat can be included as an option.

Domestic hot water (DHW)

The domestic hot water is prepared in the heat exchanger and the temperature is regulated with a flow-compensated temperature controller with integrated differential pressure controller. The DH water is cooled very efficiently by the heat exchanger, thereby creating an excellent operating economy. The Danfoss IHPT valve ensures a stable domestic hot water temperature by varying loads, varying supply temperatures and by high and varying differential pressure without the need for readjusting the valve. This protects the heat exchanger against overheating and lime scale formation. Furthermore the IHPT valve has an integrated idle temperature controller, which keeps the house supply line warm. This shortens the waiting periods during summer when the heating system is in reduced operation, which is ideal where high comfort is requested.

The VMTD can be supplied with built-in non-return valve and a safety valve mounted in the cold water supply. It can also be supplied with a connection for circulation (to be mounted underneath the station).

All pipes are made of stainless steel. The connections are made by nuts and gaskets.

The VMTD comes complete with a fully insulated cover thus minimizing the heat loss both during tapping of domestic hot water but also when only space heating is required.

Main Benefits:

  • One of the most compact heat stations on the market
  • Up to 21 litres per minute hot water generation.
  • Insulated heat exchanger for improved BER.
  • Control via Danfoss thermostats available.
  • Maximum flexibility solution for heating & domestic hot water
  • Made in Europe for reliability & peace of mind.
  • Extensive installation options for each unit.
  • Can be connected to centralised data point for third party billing.
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Danfoss VMTD

Danfoss VMTD


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