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De Dietrich Strateo

The STRATEO is the silent, effective heat pump solution for new buildings. It is characterised by its compact size and efficient performance: COP of up to 5.11 at an outdoor air temperature of + 7 °C.

A high-tech product with an INVERTER system with power accumulator, the STRATEO heat pump offers a more stable setpoint temperature, substantially reduced power consumption and quiet operation, generating a sound power level of just 30 dB(A) to 39 dB(A). The reversible STRATEO also operates in cooling mode via the underfloor cooling system (water at + 18 °C), and as air conditioning via convection fans (EER of 3.96 to 4.75 for an outdoor temperature of + 35 °C).

With its compact dimensions, it is easy to install thanks to its wall-mounted preassembly plate for the hydraulic connections. The hydraulic unit integrating all the elements required for the heating installation can be accessed behind the front panel, which facilitates maintenance. It includes a 190-litre DHW tank located under the indoor unit in the form of an attractive uniform column. It offers optimal comfort all year round. Its compact construction, design and simple installation mean it can be easily integrated in a new build environment.


  • HP for 3 services: Heating, DHW and Cooling.
  • The expertise of DE DIETRICH.
  • Very high efficiency.
  • Low noise level with only 30dB[A].
  • Quick installation.
  • Mounting frame full equipped (including refrigerant flexible).
  • Plug and play solution.
  • Compact and easy to integrate: 560x586x1950.
  • New control in full text, connected and intuitive.
  • The integration of the heat pump know-how of De Dietrich
  • Available for 1 or 2 circuits (built in the factory).
  • Installation in 2 steps with the new full equipped mounting frame.
  • Optimisation of the installation and the commissioning: drilling paper jig, quick guide, interactive controller with commissioning wizard.
  • Modular installation: to the wall, in the corner, in a cupboard with access to all components from the front.
  • Full protected unit with integrated magnetic filter.


  • Connected intuitive control system with clear text.
  • New Bluetooth function with smartphone application to aid set-up.
  • The control panel on the MIC modules enables the entire system to be managed by providing an interface between the outdoor unit and the DHW production and heating system.


  • Eco-designed to ensure maximum respect for the environment.
  • Packaging made entirely from cardboard.
  • Exceptional RT2012 and "RE 2020 READY" performances.
  • Excellent acoustic comfort below the Cerqual/Qualitel HQE level at just 30 dB[A] for the 4.5 kW model.


  • Equipped with all the safety components required for operation: valve with filter, stop valves, motorised DHW reversing valve, 7-bar DHW valve, non-return valve, dis-connector.
  • All the heating elements for the indoor unit can be accessed from the front panel.
  • Reinforced protection with integrated magnetic sludge filter.


  • Compact and easy to integrate with a 560 mm x 586 mm footprint, and a height of 1950 mm.
  • Includes a built-in 190-litre enamelled tank, equipped with a magnesium anode.
  • Option to install in a standard size cupboard.
  • Can be integrated into a living Room.


  • Two-stage assembly with the new pre-equipped connection plate (stop valves, box with siphon).
  • Available ex works in 1-circuit or 2-circuit heating versions.
  • Can be delivered in separate packages on request.


  • Installation times reduced thanks to the pre-assembly plate which enables all the circuits (DHW, heating and cooling) to be connected up hydraulically during the site works phase. Equipped with the stop valves, 2 cooling lines, a collector box and siphon.
  • Castor wheels ensure the indoor unit is easy to position.
  • Installation and commissioning aids: fitting jig, quick guide, interactive control.


  • Reversible air-to-water heat pump for outdoor temperatures down to - 20 °C (- 15 °C for 4.5 and 6 kW versions).
  • For heating by radiators or heating and cooling by underfloor heating/cooling or air conditioning by convection fans.
  • Back-up via a built-in 3 kW immersion heater.

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