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EC Power mCHP is the on-site generation of electricity and the simultaneous use of the heat produced as a by-product of the generation process. CHP technology offers significant CO2 emission reductions and energy cost savings compared to conventional mains electricity and gas-fired boiler heating. This is because electricity and heat generated together on site (CHP) is far more fuel efficient than mains electricity supplied by utility companies.

To achieve the best possible performance from a CHP installation, the CHP unit should operate in preference to the boilers at all times.

  1. The CHP unit output remains at maximum when boilers need to be used to meet the demand.
  2. The heat recovery from the CHP unit is optimised.
  3. The CHP unit should always be able to generate heat, even at part-load.
  4. The building heating system should be designed so that return temperatures do not result in the CHP unit shutting down unnecessarily.

Key features of LoadTracker CHP

  • Small scale CHP but capable of large loads:                    
  • Dynamic output                    
  • Constant flow temperature                    
  • Thermal store with active content management: 
  • “Plug and play”: 
  • Low level of NOx emissions: 
  • Operating benefits
  • Low noise emission: 
  • Low maintenance:                     
  • Independent control: 

 Green incentives

  • Reduction of site carbon footprint
  • Improved ratings for BREEAM
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Climate Change Levy (CCL) exemption
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance
  • Energy Efficiency A++ class
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E C Power

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