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Metering & Billing Solutions for Communal Heating Systems

Evinox Energy provides various metering solutions for communal heating systems. Additionally any client request can be considered and its viability will be investigated to provide a tailor made solution.

Metering Solutions

  • Read Only Meters
  • BUS Metering
  • BUS Metering and Full Remote Surveillance
  • PaySmart™ metering
  • Complete Billing Service Including Revenue Management
  • Unique SmartTalk™ Two-Way Communication – Our software is capable of not only downloading data from the interface unit but also uploading data to provide remote control and fault diagnostics
  • System Monitoring and Client Support
  • Energy Management

Read Only Meters

ModuSat Read only meters should ideally be located outside of each apartment in the communal areas. We do not recommend that these are installed within the ModuSat unit as this will provide a problem in accessing the recorded data. If the ModuSat is installed in the communal area the meters can then be installed within the ModuSat in the normal way.

Where read only meters are installed remotely from the ModuSat we provide a meter installation kit, which includes isolation valves, the facility to fit the tamper seals and the sensor pocket for the flow pipe.

There is a requirement to physically attend the development to read meters and record the data when using the ModuSat system with read only meters. We would only recommend this solution for small developments or where the meters can be installed in a convenient secure location within the communal areas. The meters should not be installed where access provides a problem or a Health and Safety Issue.

BUS Metering Solution

Our standard BUS solution provides the ability to read the meters remotely either via a GSM modem, telephone communication system or broadband. Each meter is wired to an BUS data cabling system and data from the meters is fed to a master unit which collates the meter information and sends the data to a remote monitoring office. The remote monitoring can be provided by Evinox or the clients own administration centre.

The BUS metering solution provides heat energy consumptions as well as, flow and return temperatures to and from the apartment from the communal heating central plant room installation and the actual flow rate of the communal heating water into the apartment. These temperature and flow readings provide an overview of how the system is operating and are useful for an engineer to see if the system is balanced correctly and can identify areas of poor flow or an individual meter problem without the need to visit the site. This can also identify opportunities for energy reduction in the system.

BUS Metering and Full Remote Surveillance System

In addition to the features of the BUS metering solution, our remote surveillance system provides access to the system on several levels so that different operators, whether these are the system administrator, the maintenance engineer or the equipment manufacturer, use different operating modes. The structure of the remote management software gives efficient control of every satellite unit.

The ultimate solution for billing, remote assistance, remote surveillance and remote diagnostic, the system is a vital part of the after sales package and enables the operator to determine if a fault on site is due to end user control or settings. Should the heat interface unit develop a fault or if there is a problem with the communal heating boiler plant, the remote surveillance enables a swift response and in many cases faults can be rectified through the SmartTalk™ two-way communication capability.

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