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Robur Gas Absorption Heat Pump

Similarly to a gas boiler, the gas absorption heat pump is a device able to supply high temperature hot water both for heating and for DHW production. Similarly to an electric heat pump, GAHP is able to recover renewable energy in the form of heat from air, water and ground sources. Unlike electric heat pumps, gas absorption heat pumps do not use harmful refrigerants, have a negligible electrical consumption and can also provide cold water for summer cooling (in reversible versions).

A heat pump is an appliance capable of exploiting the large amount of energy available in natural sources at a lower temperature and of transferring it in the form of useful heat to a user at a higher temperature. Electric heat pumps work with a compressor powered by electricity. Absorption heat pumps are powered directly by natural gas or LPG with a very minor electrical consumption. The advantage is high heating efficiency; due to the fact that main energy input (natural gas) is primary energy and not electricity, which is generated with low efficiencies (40% on average).

GAHP technology can provide significant savings, up to 40%, on heating costs every year, in comparison to the best condensing boilers, making GAHP a smart and beneficial investment, with a payback time of 2 to 4 years.

GAHP’s are the most profitable investment to increase the value of the building.

Upgrading the heating system only and with a small investment per square meter, the building performance rating will increase.

Each Robur Gas Absorption Heat Pumps:

  • Adds 1 kW of natural gas to 0.5 kW of renewable energy. This renewable energy is 24 hours-a-day available, thus avoiding unnecessary integration systems and/or unnecessary heat rejection (e.g. solar panels in summer).
  • Saves every year 4.2 Tons of CO2 emissions, which are equivalent to those absorbed by 599 trees or those produced by 2 green cars; every year 1.6 TOE are saved.
  • Is the best solution to the problem of global warming due to greenhouse gases, using a natural refrigerant with GWP (Global Warming Potential) = 0.
  • Up to 39.4% utilisation of air source renewable energy. Designed to exceed peak efficiencies (G.U.E.) of 165%, guaranteeing reductions in annual heating costs and in CO2 emissions compared to the best condensing boilers.
  • Increases the total efficiency of the heating system when it is combined or integrated with boilers with a lower energy performance.
  • The most beneficial heating system to enhance the energy qualification of buildings with a considerable promotion of the building's energy classification with the consequent increase in the value of the building.
  • All data are tested by certificates and approvals from ENEA for Italy, DVGW Forschungsstelle and VDE for Germany, California Energy Commission for USA.
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Robur GAHP

Robur GAHP


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