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YAZAKI Absorption Chillers

YAZAKI provides a wide range of world-class absorption chillers that significantly reduce ever-rising energy bills, while increasing off-grid cooling efficiency. These chillers are designed for commercial applications and building projects that require chilled water for central air-conditioning systems. Whereas regular compression cooling depends on electricity, which elevates the overall costs and energy consumption and in addition creates CO2 emissions. Absorption cooling can run on any kind of heat such as:

• hot water
• solar thermal
• waste heat from co-generation or biomass
• waste heat from district power station or industry
• direct heat fired by gas 

This makes absorption cooling an environmentally friendly and cost-saving alternative to conventional air conditioning systems.

YAZAKI absorption chillers, using water as refrigerant, are today’s best choice in air conditioning. While protecting the environment and reducing energy costs, they also cover basic cooling loads and ease electrical peak demands. YAZAKI single-effect and double-effect chillers are offered in a wide range of capacities from 17 kW to 700 kW:

• Water-Fired Chillers (WFC-Series)
• Gas-Fired Chillers up to 700 kW (CH-Series)

They serve such diverse facilities as hotels, offices, shopping malls, residential homes, hospitals, and small businesses, bearing outstanding advantages such as:

• Reliable, durable and mature technology
• Reducing energy costs (low electrical consumption)
• Protecting the environment
• Various heat input sources possible • Low noise, compact design, long life span.


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